BCW Comic Book Boards

BCW has consistently produced superior products for the comic collector, their line of bags and boards are renowned for superior quality and consistent quick service.  It is our pleasure to offer these direct links to their Amazon pages for purchase.

All products are linked to their associated Amazon purchase page.  We will be adding many more links over the next few weeks, items like comic cleaning suppies, specialized repair and pressing tools, etc.

We have included the three most popular links for BCW Comic Boards, but they do have a huge selection of combination packages, variety of resealable bags, and also some interesting variations to fit odd sized books/magazines.

Amazon Affiliate Links below, which means at no cost to you, clicking and purchasing the products may result in a commission to this website

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Bob Strain

After over 50 years of comic collecting, I am still amazed at how many wonderful people are involved in this hobby

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